Lock. Monitor. Take Back.

Lock. Monitor. Take Back. is an evidence-based prevention effort with the primary goal of reducing access to prescription drugs, especially opioids, by encouraging North Dakotans to be safe with their medications, including promoting North Dakota Take Back locations, and promoting ways communities can support this effort at the local level. To find a location near you, visit ND Take Back Program Locations.

What Can My Community Do?
  • Host a community forum
  • Expand Take Back locations
  • Encourage pharmacists to prescribe naloxone
  • Share resources in your community

For more information, click here to download flyer

What Can I Do?

LOCK: Keep medication out of sight and in a safe and secure place.

  • Consider storing medications in a lock box or hide them in a discrete location in your home so they are not easy for others to find.

  • Keep a low profile. Your medicines are your business. There's no reason to tell people about the medicines you take.

MONITOR: Keep track of medication and take only as directed.

  • Count how many pills you have at any given time to check for missing pills.

  • Never share your medications. If a family member or friend is injured, instead of "sharing" a pain reliever, make sure he or she sees a health care professional.

TAKE BACK: Drop off unused medication at local Take Back locations. To find a location near you, visit ND Take Back Program Locations.

  • If a take-back program is not available, prescription drugs can be placed in an opaque container mixed with coffee grounds or kitty litter and thrown in the garbage.

    ND Attorney General Take Back