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Parenting During the Holidays

As we enter the holiday season, we are reminded of the importance of hope, empathy and gratitude. As parents, we have an opportunity to shape this event for our children, ensuring they look back and identify gains more than losses.

30 Days of Holiday Fun

30 days of Holiday fun Provides parents with 30 days of fun to enhance their relationship with their children.

Warning Signs Your Child is Being Affected by Bullying

All children that may be involved in bullying, whether they are the child being bullied, bullying others or seeing others being bullied, can be affected. It is important that you support all children involved to ensure it doesn’t continue and the issue is addressed.

Bingo Card

Parents Lead Bingo

Did you know by increasing your child’s protective factors you are helping prevent multiple behavioral health-related issues? Try out this Family Bingo Challenge to “black-out” those behaviors!

30-Day Parent Challenge: For the New Year

Provides parents with 30 tips for how to enhance the relationship with their children. Request printed handouts or download a PDF.

Managing Anxiety as School Starts

As COVID numbers are surging in the state, children and parents may be experiencing anxiety about this school year.

Building Character Activity Book

An activity book designed to help children identify, monitor, and adapt their emotional responses, as well as build up positive self-esteem!

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Being Kind Activity Book

An activity book filled with activities focused on fostering kindness to help teach children how to recognize and stand up to bullying behavior, as well as be aware of their own actions towards others.

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