Not In My House

#NOT in my house is a community prevention effort with the primary goal of reducing youth social access to alcohol by raising awareness about social host liability and related misperceptions surrounding underage drinking


When should this campaign be implemented?
  • Youth report obtaining alcohol through social means, such as parents (with or without consent), older friends or siblings, relatives, or other adults.
  • Youth report drinking at house parties, at home, in rural areas/parks, or other private property such as hotels or apartments.
  • The community has a misperception that parents accept underage drinking in their homes.
  • The community has a misperception that hosting parties at home is a way to mitigate potential consequences related to underage drinking.
  • There is limited community support for a local social host liability law.
Who should implement this campaign?

A community coalition, student group, parent group, religious organization, or anyone concerned about underage drinking in the community can get started; however, a coordinated approach to implementation is best. Involvement by both parents and youth, schools, law enforcement, local government, and other community leaders is proven to be most effective.

How to get started

Download the Logo Usage Guidelines and Community Guidance Booklet to get a step-by-step process for implementing #NOT in my House in your community. The booklet provides sample media tools, cost tracking, and more.

The #Not in my House campaign is an effort associated with North Dakota’s Strategic Prevention Framework Partnership for Success (PFS) grant, funded by the federal Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), administered through the North Dakota Department of Human Services. The campaign was developed as an initiative by the Region 6 PFS grantee collaborative.